Why should I settle on Color Game online?

Color Game online keeps on growing every single day in Casino Plus and it never fail to entertain the Casino Plus players, not only for the rewards the players could possibly win, but also for the entertainment the Color Game online can give to the casino enthusiasts. If you are being hesitant about playing Color Game online in Casino Plus , then you should know the reason why you should settle on Color Game online when it comes to casino gaming:


Color Game online is very easy to learn and understand. You just need to guess the next color combination, place your bet and wait for the dealer to throw the dice on LIVE Color Game online. Once you are able to win three colors in one round, you will be able to enter the SUPER GAME, where you can win amazing jackpot prizes in Color Game online.


You will be guided throughout the game by showing you the odds of the Color Game online provided by Casino Plus. You can find it on the HELP if you select it. You can also rely on the table below for your reference:
Game Option Description Odds
Bet a color, dice show 1 of this color Player bets on a color, and one die shows this color. 1:1
Bet a color, dice show 2 of this color Player bets on a color, and two dice show this color. 2:1
Super Game Odds - Bet a color, dice show 3 of this color Player bets on a color, and all three dice show this color. This is considered a ""super game."" 3:1 - bet amount x3x20
RTP Return to Player (RTP) is a measure of the percentage of stakes a game returns to players (over a prolonged period and a high number of spins). 96.53%


Color Game online is played using a huge dice and dice games are always fast-faced action. The dealer will only throw the dice and your role is to wait for the winning color combination to appear (facing up) in the Color Game online. But be quick to decide on what colors you will bet on because there is a timer while you’re choosing a bet on Color Game online.
If you are unable to choose within the time, then the system of the Color Game online will be the one to choose for you. BE QUICK in choosing your color bet on Color Game online!


Color Game online has a betting option you can choose from which means, if you want to bet the minimum amount in Color Game online, you could go lower. If you want to bet the maximum amount in Color Game online, you could bet higher. You’re in control of your finances in Color Game online. Choosing how much amount you’re going to bet on Color Game is easy because Casino Plus is a user-friendly application. You could easily choose by clicking a chip on the screen while you’re streaming Color Game online in Casino Plus app. Whilst learning through reading could be a great thing, it is also a must if you learn how to play Color Game online by experience. Go ahead and sign up a Casino Plus account now to start playing.