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When it comes to Online Casino baccarat, one of the most important factors that you need to know before you decide on your bet is the payout. The payout value shows you how much you are going to receive if you bet and win baccarat. Additionally, the payout also determines the probability of your bet winning. The bets with a low payout ratio often have the highest probability to win baccarat while the high payout value bets have the lowest probability. If you search on what is the best bet to win baccarat, you will mostly find people recommending the banker bet since it has the highest possibility of winning with a payout ratio of 1:1. However, what most novice players are not aware of is that casinos charge a 5% commission on every banker win. This means that the actual value when you win Baccarat with banker bets is just 0.95:1. To Bet or Not to Bet on Banker, That Is the Question Now that you know about the commission charged in banker bets, you might be asking yourself whether you should bet or not bet on a banker. After all, nobody likes getting that extra charge on when they win baccarat but does that make bankers a bad bet? The answer is no. The banker bet is still a good bet even with the 5% commission. It is still the bet with the highest winning probability. A banker bet is 45.8% more likely to win baccarat compared to other bets. Having a more consistent win more than makes up for the commission rate that would be charged on your win baccarat. Is there an alternative to a banker bet to win baccarat? If you want to avoid the commission charge, the best alternative bet for you is the player bet. The player bet has the same 1:1 payout value as the banker bet, minus the commission charge. It also has a high probability to win baccarat since a player hand wins the game 44.6% of the time. This is only slightly lower than the banker bet. Other baccarat bets and win baccarat payout value In baccarat, there are three common bets that you can make to win baccarat: the banker, player, and tie. The banker and the player bet have the same win baccarat ratio but the tie bet offers the highest win baccarat value of 8:1 or 9:1. Winning a tie bet will surely give you huge payouts. However, this bet also has a low probability to win Baccarat. Tie bets statistically only win 9.52% of the time, which is not a good odd if you want to play safe with your bets. Betting tips to win baccarat Win baccarat in Casino Plususing these betting strategies below: Golden Eagle win baccarat strategy The golden eagle win baccarat strategy is a popular Chinese betting method that is used by players to win baccarat consistently. There are two modes of play when using this strategy to win baccarat, the first is defensive to avoid losses and the second is offensive to gain big wins. The offense mode in the golden eagle baccarat strategy allows you to increase your wager amount with every win. Once you hit a loss, you will revert back to your initial bet amount. Meanwhile, the defense mode comes into play after losing a game. This mode will require you to play with small wagers until you win and revert back to offensive play. Silver Tiger win baccarat strategy The Silver Tiger win baccarat strategy is an advanced betting method similar to the golden eagle. The only difference is that it has an exit strategy and a win limit. In this strategy to win baccarat, you will also increase your bets after every win to take advantage of a winning strike. Once you reach your win goal, you will implement the exit strategy so you can take as much of your win as you can.


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