What Makes 'Color Game' The Hottest Casino Plus Game Of 2023?

Guess what’s the talk of the town these days? No one but Casino Plus will soon launch Color Game! Color Game originated as a game from Carnivals in the Philippines. Overtime, Color Game started to grow and continues to evolve until it finally had its own online casino version. Now, Color Game is going to dominate Casino Plus and Color Game is the one of the players looking forward to playing the most. Casino Plus Color Game is almost close to the traditional Color Game except, the Casino Plus Color Game version was done online by a real-life dealer on LIVE! This is the mechanics of Casino Plus Color Game for your reference:
Game Intro: Color Game has a total of three (3) dice, the dealer pulls the rope and drops the dice. All colors facing up, are the winning colors. SuperGame (JACKPOT) A player who wins three (3) of the same color in a round will be entering the Super Color Game. Upon entering the Super Color Game, the game interface will ask the player to select (1) one color. If the player did not select within the countdown time, the system will automatically select the last winning color result in Color Game. The dealer will get one (1) dice and play the Color Game. If the player win a color in the Color Game, the player’s total win is equal to previous round total (bet amount x3) x20 (super game) If the player did not win the Casino Plus Color Game, the previous payout will apply (bet amount x3). Game Rules: Every new round, betting time starts at Color Game. Choose color and place your bet. No more betting when countdown time ends. Click the checkmark button to confirm the bet in Casino Plus Color Game. When the Color Game starts, the dealers will pull the rope and drop the dice. Once the dice stops, the dealer will enter the winning color (all colors facing up), the winning colors of Casino Plus Color Game will light up on screen at the same time, then players can clearly see whether they win or not. If the dice falls out of the box or titled, the dice will be returned from the start, then the dealer will release and drop the specific dice again. If a player successfully places a bet and then exits in the middle of the Color Game, the payout will be based on the final result. If the player exits during the SUPER COLOR GAME after placing a bet, when the game countdown ends, the same color that just won will be selected to continue the bet, and the payout will be based on the win or loss. The payout result can be checked in the player’s personal game record. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS COLOR GAME? Bet a color, then dice show 1 of this color—1:1 Bet a color, then dice show 2 of this color—2:1 Super Game Odds—Bet a color, then dice show 3 of this color - 3:1- bet amount x3x20 (supergame). RTP: 96.53% Playing the color game in Casino Plus combines the thrill of chance, immersive visuals, and engaging gameplay features. The wide range of the color game, the possibility of winning life-changing jackpots, and the convenience of online play all contribute to the excitement that draws players to online casinos. Color Game will be available on Friday, 26th of May 2023 so countdown with us!


Color Game