What is the goal of the color game?

Ever since The Color Game was launched in Casino Plus, it continues to grow more and more, with many Casino Players playing the Color Game over and over again and returning for more. The Color Game was inspired by the Philippine Carnival’s color game that caught the Filipinos' interest. Not only that the Color Game was enjoyed because of its theme, but also because of how convenient it was for the Color Game’s players because the Color Game was playable on mobile phone as long as you have a registered Casino Plus account and a stable internet connection on your mobile phone, then you can play the Color Game in Casino Plus anytime and anywhere. The main goal of the Color Game is for the player to be able to predict the outcome of the color dice once the professional dealer throws it. If you want to be a successful player, then it is important to learn how to play the Color Game in Casino Plus.
MECHANICS OF THE COLOR GAME: The Color Game Intro: The Color Game has a total of three (3) dice, the dealer pulls the rope and drops the dice. All colors facing up, are the winning colors. SuperGame (JACKPOT) A player who wins three (3) of the same color in a round will be entering the Super Game. 1.Upon entering the Super Color Game, the game interface will ask the player to select (1) one color. If the player did not select within the countdown time, the system will automatically select the last winning color result in the Color Game. The dealer will get one (1) dice and play the Color Game. 2.If the player win a color in the Color Game, the player’s total win is equal to previous round total (bet amount x3) x20 (super game) 3.If the player did not win the Color Game, the previous payout will apply (bet amount x3). Game Rules: 1.Every new round, betting time starts at the Color Game. Choose color and place your bet. No more betting when countdown time ends. Click the checkmark button to confirm the bet in the Color Game. 2.When the Color Game starts, the dealers will pull the rope and drop the dice. 3.Once the dice stops, the dealer will enter the winning color (all colors facing up), the winning colors of the Color Game will light up on screen at the same time, then players can clearly see whether they win or not. 4.If the dice falls out of the box or titled, the dice will be returned from the start, then the dealer will release and drop the specific dice again. 5.If a player successfully places a bet and then exits in the middle of the Color Game, the payout will be based on the final result. If the player exits during the SUPER COLOR GAME after placing a bet, when the game countdown ends, the same color that just won will be selected to continue the bet, and the payout will be based on the win or loss. The payout result can be checked in the player’s personal game record. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THE COLOR GAME?
The Color Game Option Description Odds
Bet a color, dice show 1 of this color Player bets on a color, and one die shows this color. 1:1
Bet a color, dice show 2 of this color Player bets on a color, and two dice show this color. 2:1
Super Game Odds - Bet a color, dice show 3 of this color Player bets on a color, and all three dice show this color. This is considered a "super game." 3:1 - bet amount x3x20
RTP Return to Player (RTP) is a measure of the percentage of stakes a game returns to players (over a prolonged period and a high number of spins). 96.53%
If you think that you are ready to play the Color Game, then you are free to register a Casino Plus account and win huge rewards on the Color Game.


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