What is the Deposit Limit for Casino Plus?

If you're interested in playing at Casino Plus, it's important to know what the deposit limits are. In this article, we'll provide all the information you need about the deposit limit for Casino Plus. According to PAGCOR guidelines, new registered players are required to make an initial deposit of at least ₱5,000. This amount will be locked as maintenance balance, and can be used at the player's discretion after 60 days. Deposits made after the initial ₱5,000 deposit can be used for betting in the games. After 60 days, the initial ₱5,000 deposit will be unlocked. It's important to note that the maximum deposit limit for a single transaction is ₱1,000,000,000. This high limit ensures that players can deposit large amounts of money for their betting activities.
It's important to remember that the deposit limit may vary depending on the bank or e-wallet you're using. This is because each bank and e-wallet has its own deposit policies and limits. Therefore, you should always check the deposit limits and policies of your chosen payment method before making a deposit.


What is the Deposit Limit for Casino Plus

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