What is Santastic! In Casino Plus?

"Santastic!" is an online casino game developed by RealTime Gaming (RTG) available to be played in Casino Plus. Santastic! is a festive and whimsical slot game that revolves around the theme of Christmas and Santa Claus. Casino Plus Santastic! features colorful graphics, cheerful music, and a joyful atmosphere. Here are some key features of the "Santastic!" online casino game:
CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! THEME: As a Christmas-themed game, "Santastic!" incorporates various holiday-related symbols such as Santa Claus, presents, candy canes, snowmen, Christmas trees, and stockings. The visuals and audio of Casino Plus Santastic! create a merry and joyful atmosphere. CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! REELS AND PAYLINES: Casino Plus Santastic! typically consists of three reels and five fixed paylines. The simplicity of the three-reel layout offers a classic and nostalgic slot machine experience. CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! FESTIVE FEATURES: "Santastic!" includes several special features to enhance the Santasic! gameplay and increase winning opportunities. These Santastic! features may include: CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! FESTIVE FEAST FEATURE: Landing three-of-a-kind winning combinations triggers the Festive Feast Feature. You get to pick from a grid of 3x3 presents, revealing various prizes such as free games, bonus prizes, or jackpot spins. CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! JACKPOT SPINS: Casino Plus Santastic! includes a progressive jackpot that can be won during the Festive Feast Feature. The Santastic! jackpot prize can be awarded randomly during Santastic! gameplay, providing the chance for significant winnings. CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! WILD SYMBOL: The Santa Claus symbol serves as the wild symbol in the Santastic! It can substitute for other symbols to help form winning combinations and increase your chances of winning. Casino Plus Santastic! Bonus Prizes: "Santastic!" offers bonus prizes that can be won during Santastic! gameplay. These Santastic! bonus prizes can include additional multipliers, free games, or instant cash rewards. The Festive Feast Feature mentioned earlier can reveal these Santastic! bonus prizes when triggered. CASINO PLUS SANTASTIC! Win-Win Feature: If your total winnings from the Festive Feast Feature are less than a certain amount, the Santastic! Win-Win Feature may be activated. This Santastic! feature ensures that you receive a consolation prize to boost your winnings, even if your Santastic! initial bonus feature did not result in substantial payouts. It's important to note that specific game features, visuals, and sound effects may vary depending on the online casino platform and the version of the game you are playing. It's advisable to review the specific rules, paytable, and features of the game provided by the online casino for comprehensive information on what to expect during your Santastic! gameplay of "Santastic!".