What is Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster and how to play it?

Casino Plus "Kung Fu Rooster" is an online casino slot game developed by RealTime Gaming (RTG). Inspired by martial arts and Chinese culture, this slot game offers a unique and vibrant Kung Fu Rooster gaming experience. Here are some key features of the "Kung Fu Rooster" online casino game:
Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster Theme and Symbols: Kung Fu Rooster is centered around a rooster who is a skilled martial artist, showcasing a fusion of kung fu and Chinese elements. The symbols include various martial arts-inspired icons, such as the Rooster, Chinese lanterns, firecrackers, fans, and other traditional Chinese symbols. Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster Reels and Paylines: "Kung Fu Rooster" typically features five Kung Fu Rooster reels and a variable number of Kung Fu Rooster paylines, allowing you to adjust the number of active Kung Fu Rooster paylines to your preference. Kung Fu Rooster layout provides a classic slot machine experience. Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster Wild Symbol: The Rooster symbol serves as the wild symbol in the game. It can substitute for other symbols (except for the scatter symbol) to help create winning combinations and increase your chances of winning Kung Fu Rooster. Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster Free Spins and Fire Claw Multiplier: Landing three or more scatter symbols (often represented by the Monkey symbol) triggers the free spins feature. You can win up to 25 free spins, and during the free spins, the Kung Fu Rooster Fire Claw Multiplier feature may come into play. The Fire Claw Multiplier can multiply your winnings by up to 25x, significantly boosting your Kung Fu Rooster payouts. Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster Win-Win Feature: If the free spins feature results in low or no winnings, the Win-Win Feature may be activated. This Kung Fu Rooster feature ensures that you receive a bonus prize to guarantee a minimum win, helping to compensate for any potential losses during the free Kung Fu Rooster spins. Casino Plus Kung Fu Rooster Progressive Jackpot: "Kung Fu Rooster" often includes a random Kung Fu Rooster progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot prize can be won at any time during Kung Fu Rooster gameplay, regardless of the amount wagered. The progressive jackpot prize grows with each bet placed by players until it is won. It's advisable to review the specific Kung Fu Rooster rules, Kung Fu Rooster paytable, and features of the "Kung Fu Rooster" online casino game provided by Casino Plus for comprehensive information on what to expect during your gameplay.