Time Travelling 101: Can I Travel Back with Wild O'Clock to Get The Fortunes of the Past and Deliver it to the Present?

Do you want fortunes from the past? Not to worry, you can time travel with Casino Plus through their very own Wild O’Clock. Wild O’Clock is one of the Gamezone Slots that you can play in the Philippines’ most preferred Online Casino. As an online casino game, Wild O’Clock gives in the most awesome time travelling moment which gets you to the fortunes that have been evolving through time. Having said this, many players go to Casino Plus just for a casino online gaming moment with Wild O’Clock. The thrill of time traveling as you spin the reels of Wild O’Clock can be more than what you can imagine.
So when you ask if you can travel back in time with Wild O’Clock to get those unique fortunes, the answer is a big yes. Here are some ways how Wild O’Clock can bring you the best possible fortunes you can wish for.

1. Wild O’Clock gives the players ways how to travel back in time.

You can travel back in time as you play Wild O’Clock in Casino Plus. With the theme centralizing on different clocks, you can see different variations of times and clocks such as the grandfather clock, stopwatches, sundials, and the like which allows players to pick their device for time telling as they play Wild O’Clock. Just pick any of the clocks in Wild O’ Clock and the thrill of time travel is just right in your place.

2. The gameplay of Wild O’Clock is easy.

Playing Wild O’Clock is just easy as one two and three. Just study how the game goes and the thrill of getting the fortunes is just right in your place as you can create your Wild O’Clock tips and tricks. Here are the game instructions for Wild O’Clock: Game Progress of Wild O’Clock

Any progress features in the game Wild O’Clock, including symbols locked onto the reels which affect subsequent spins, are saved for your game at the stake level you are playing at.

You can have different progress levels at different stakes on the same game, and move between them by changing the stake of Wild O’Clock.

Please note that this stateful game saves its state forever.

Total Stake of Wild O’Clock

The Total Stake is the total of stakes per line. You can adjust it at any time, using the + or – buttons.

Spin the Reels of Wild O’Clock Speed up each reel spin by pressing the reels. For TURBO SPIN, hold down the spacebar or the Spin button. Press the TURBO (fast_forward) button to speed up the game! Autoplay of Wild O’Clock

Press the AUTO button to commence automatic play of the game at the currently selected stake. Select how many spins to play via the Total Spins Dropdown menu.

More Autoplay setting of Wild O’Clocks

Select the loss limit: The Autoplay will stop at the last spin before the loss limit is reached. The Аutoplay loss limit should be higher than your stake in Wild O’Clock.

Expand the AUTOPLAY dialog by choosing MORE AUTOPLAY SETTINGS. Here you can select additional criteria for the AUTOPLAY stop including - Stop if a single win exceeds a certain amount; Stop on Bonus Feature of Wild O’Clock.

3. Play Wild O’Clock as much as you can.

Just spin the reels of Wild O’Clock as much as you can. Wild O’Clock is available 24/7 and you can play the slot game anytime and anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile device and the thrill of Wild O’Clock is right around your midst.

4. Use the bonus features of Wild O’Clock.

Wild O’Clock brings bonus features that can help in increasing your winning chances. Here are these features: LUCKY 12 O'CLOCK

A clock mechanism above the reels of Wild O’Clock increases by one hour with every spin. When the clock hits 12 o'clock a random number of SUPER WILDS are added to the reels!


WILD symbols that reveal a random multiplier of up to x8 when they participate in a win. Win lines that include the MULTIPLIER WILDS have the revealed multiplier applied in Wild O’Clock.


1x4 WILD symbols that appear on EVERY 12TH SPIN in the normal game or on the last spin of Clock Spins. Up to 6 Super Wilds may appear for FULL-SCREEN WILDS of Wild O’Clock!


Non-paying scatter symbols that can appear on the leftmost, rightmost, and either one of the middle two reels of Wild O’Clock. Up to three scatters may appear per spin and award 12 free spins without having to be part of a win line. CLOCK SPINS SYMBOLS do not appear in CLOCK SPINS and thus no bonus spins will be awarded during the bonus round.


Triggered by three Clock Spins symbols, this bonus awards 12 bonus spins. During Clock Spins all revealed multipliers are added to a GLOBAL MULTIPLIER that remains throughout the bonus round and APPLIES TO ALL WINS of Wild O’Clock!

For the final Clock Spin, a random number of Super Wilds are added to the reels for the chance of HUGE WINS! If the added Super Wilds do not result in a win, the feature may trigger again to make it a win in Wild O’Clock!

5. Enjoy your overall experience when you play Wild O’Clock.

Casino Plus values the excitement of every player who plays Wild O’Clock. What is important for the overall gameplay is not the win or loss but how much you are enjoying the game. This is why, it is not necessary to place all your bets in Wild O’Clock which can lead you to financial losses.