How do I withdraw my money from Casino Plus?

Ka-chiing! Don’t you love the thought of getting your payout and winnings from Casino Plus? If you are an existing Casino Plus user, then you would have probably already won a game and withdrawn your money already so this article is for the new users who wanted to learn how to withdraw your earnings from Casino Plus. You have to complete the steps below to complete your Casino Plus withdrawal:


1.If you are using your phone, select the “cashier” on the bottom part of the Casino Plus App. 2.After clicking, it will take you to the webpage of option: Deposit, Withdraw and Balance Transfer. 3.Click “WITHDRAW” 4.After clicking that button, it will lead you to the verification section where you must enter your first name, last name, source of funds, nationality, your home address, your ID type and email address including your birthday. 5.After setting up your Casino Plus withdrawal account, just wait for the confirmation and you’re all set.


1.Go to your account. 2.Select the WITHDRAWAL OPTION that can be found on the left part of your screen. 3.Add your verified GCASH or Bank Account, whatever suits you the best. 4.Wait for the confirmation and you’re all set. Casino Plus Withdrawal isn’t that hard because Casino Plus made it convenient for the players and easy to use. If ever you’re having a problem with Casino Plus withdrawal, you may either contact our support team or read the HelpCenter Articles.


casino plus withdrawal