Color Game Tricks: Winning strategies to use in Color Game

Color Game Perya is a carnival game typically found in the Philippines. It involves spinning a wheel with different colored sections and betting on which color the wheel will land on. In the case of Color Game in Casino Plus, you will select any of the six colors in the game board and place your bets on the table. The rest of the game will proceed similar to the color games you see in fairs. Players can win prizes based on their bets, color game tricks, and the outcome of the spin. This game is popular at local fairs and festivals. Get to know more about color game below and discover the tricks that will let you unlock huge rewards when you play in Casino Plus. The color game tricks we shared below are divided based on your experience as a player.
Color Game Tricks: Beginner Level As a novice to the game, you should stick to tricks that would be easy for you to pull off. To help you on your first step into maximizing your chances of winning, we collected a few color game tricks that you can use in your game. Check out our beginner level color game tricks and practice your skills in Casino Plus Casino Plus today! 1.Observe the color board One of the first color board tricks that you can do as a beginner is to observe the color board. The board in the Casino Plus color game features the odd percentage, how many players wagered on the color, and how much is in the betting pool of a color. What’s great about these color game tricks is that it can help you decide on the best possible options for your wager. The color with the highest percentage is usually the one that appears on a dice roll more often. 2.Bet on multiple colors Other color game tricks involve betting on multiple colors instead of just one. Doing this color game tricks will help you increase your chances of landing a win in the live game. Unfortunately, this color game tricks also have the unfortunate effect of increasing your bet amount and possible loss if none of the colors you selected appeared in the round. To mitigate your potential losses and increase your chances of winning, make sure that whenever you use this color game tricks, you are betting on at least three colors. The game only has 6 colors after all, so there is a big possibility for your gamble to win. 3.Don't bet too much This game can get addicting, especially if you have working color game tricks up your sleeve. For this reason, we recommend managing your bets. Only wager what you can afford to lose. Remember that this is a game of chance no matter if you have color game tricks, and there is no guarantee that you will win. Create a betting limit for yourself and stop the game once you’ve reached the maximum amount you can wager. Follow these Casino Plus tricks and secure yourself from the heartaches of big losses. 4.Avoid betting on rare colors Casino Plus’ Color Game provides the odds of the colors along with the frequency of their appearance in percentage. Use this details to make the best betting decision. If you see that a color has a huge odd, this means that the color rarely appears on the round. Try to avoid this color and opt for options that feature a lower odd percentage or ratio. This color game tricks will ensure that you will have a higher chance of winning the game. While it may be tempting to bet on the rare colors with higher payouts, they are less likely to come up, and you may end up losing more money than you win. 5.Take advantage of the game bonus As a beginner or a first-time player in Casino Plus, you have the advantage of having a deposit bonus. Your first deposit in Color Game will reward you with a 30% bonus. Your subsequent deposits will reward you with 15%. These deposit bonuses represent a percentage of your deposit amount. For example, you deposited 100 pesos in your bankroll for your first deposit, since you have a 30% deposit bonus, you will receive 130 pesos in your Casino Plus account. Having more money in your bankroll means having the opportunity to bet more or place higher wagers. This color game tricks is only applicable to first-time players so be sure to take advantage of it!


Color Game Tricks