Best Baccarat Strategy to Use for a Winning Bet

When it comes to playing baccarat in Online Casino, one of the things that make the game exciting is the number of strategies that you can use. Here in Casino Plus, we collected the best baccarat strategy to help you secure your win. Check the best baccarat strategy below and find out how these betting methods work so you can use them on your next wager! Best baccarat strategy #1: Martingale strategy This best baccarat strategy is one of the oldest betting methods out there. Martingale is a negative progression betting strategy wherein you double your bet whenever you lose and revert it back to your seed value whenever you win. The reason behind doubling the bet in this best baccarat strategy is to mitigate the losses of the previous rounds. A lot of players all over the world consider Martingale the best baccarat strategy because of its straightforward and easy rule. Best baccarat strategy #2: Fibonacci strategy If you love math, you are probably familiar with the word Fibonacci. This word is used to describe a sequence of steadily increasing numbers wherein the next number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Casino players used the method of the Fibonacci sequence to increase their bets and create the best baccarat strategy. The Fibonacci is one of the best baccarat strategy that follows the negative progression in betting. According to this best Baccarat strategy, whenever you lose a bet while using this method, you should add the last two numbers in your bet sequence and make it your next wager on the game. For example, your seed bet is 10 and you lost the game. The next bet you are going to make is 20 and if you lose after that you will bet 30. When using this best baccarat strategy, we recommend starting with the lowest possible value for your seed bet. This is to ensure that your bankroll can handle the increase in your wager after every loss. Best baccarat strategy #3: D’Alembert Strategy The D’Alembert best baccarat strategy is another negative progression betting method. According to this best baccarat strategy, you need to decide on the value of one betting unit before you start your game. If you lose, you can increase your wager by up top one unit. If you win, you should reduce your bet by one unit. This best baccarat strategy is perfect for beginners since it is easy to follow and requires a relatively low bankroll value. Best baccarat strategy #4: Oscar’s Grind This best baccarat strategy is a little bit different from the rest since it involves several bet cycles. In this best baccarat strategy, you choose different bet units. Use one unit for every game. If you win, you will remain betting with the same unit. If you lose, you will remove that unit from your bets and wager with another unit. Best baccarat strategy #5: Paroli Another best baccarat strategy is the Paroli. This method uses positive progression. To use this strategy, you must first decide on a bet value. If you win the game, you must double the value of your bet. If you lose, your bet shall remain the same. The idea behind this is that you take advantage of a winning streak and avoid huge losses in case of a losing streak. Best baccarat strategy #6: Parlay If you are a complete beginner in baccarat, the best baccarat strategy for you to use is the Parlay. This method uses a positive progression system wherein you select the value of your seed bet first. If you win the game, you must add whatever amount you won to your seed bet. Best baccarat strategy #7: 1-3-2-4 system The 1-3-2-4 system is a positive progression method. It is considered the best baccarat strategy because of its easy mechanics and rule. Every time you win the game, you will increase your bet according to the multiples in the sequence 1-3-2-4. For example, if your initial wager is 10 and you managed to win your game, your next bet should be 30.


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